SPOT ON .177cal Dome 10.34gr Grain 400/Tin



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The Dome model of SPOTON pellets are specifically meant for Accuracy at long Range target. The Dome tip of this pellets allows it to stay accurate the target at long range targets, because  the heavy weight of 10.34 makes  accurate even at windy weather, on top of it, the ergonomics of a Dome pellets naturally gives it high velocity because the dome tip makes it easier to reach long ranges. Spot On is a highly versatile pellets produced By DISECHI with Italian Technology, it come at a pocket friendly price.

Go On and test this pellets at a budget friendly price, you wont be disappointed


 Model  Dome
caliber  4.5mm (.177cal)
weight  0.67ram / 10.34 Grain
Contain  400



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