KWC MODEL 357 2.5 Inch “, 4.5MM CO2 REVOLVER



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*THIS IS A REPLICA CO2 Toy Air pistol*


Model 357 is the revolver that uses the powerful .357 magnum cartridge developed from the .38 special cartridge in US.

Comes with KWC laser marking.
Comes with metal outer barrel, body frame, cylinder, and chamber.
Single-action or double-action fire mode.
Comes with a manual safety lever behind the hammer (which shows “S” for safety, “Red” for open fire).
Comes with the fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight.
Comes with 6 rounds of dummy bullet which can load 1 round of 6mm BB in each bullet so the user can reload like the real revolver.
A Fast Reloader for the dummy round is included.
Store 1 pc of 12g CO2 Cartridge inside the handgrip.

Length: 200mm
Barrel Length: ~ 60mm
Shooting Mode: Safety, Semi-Auto
Weight (g): 970 (with dummy rounds and CO2 cartridge), 1240 (with box)
Color: Black
Power Source: CO2 (12g CO2 Cartridge)
Magazine Capacity: 6 rounds
Material: Metal and plastic
Bullet type: 4.5mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity): Below 1.4 Joules
Manufacturer: KWC


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