JSB Diabolo Hades 10.34 Grains (.177cal / 4.5mm) | 500 QTY



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JSB Match Diabolo 10.34 Grains pellets of .177cal / 4.5mm air rifle pellets are the most sold pellets competing for the 10.34-grain exact diabolo, the main difference between the other domed 10 grains and Heads pellets is these pellets are actually advanced designed inspired by Hollowpoint pellets, this allows the pellets to open up instantly by increasing the size of the radius of the pellet after impact which in result give you a bigger impact which is double the size of around 8-10 mm hole in the target. The main difference is the aerodynamics and shape of the head itself, which inspired the name “HEADS” for this model. Now coming to the reason why this Model comes under MATCH grade pellets as per the manufacturer “JSB” is because of the accuracy it provides even after being so heavy and aerodynamically different from any normal classic pellets. The heavy 10.34 grain will easily allow these pellets to surf the wind without getting deviated from the target and also the weight gives you a extra advantage to plink a long-range targets easily and accurately .

Caliber .177″ (4.5mm)
Ammo Type Hollow
Suggested for Creating Bigger Hole
Weight 10.34gr
Ammo Shape
Length 6.20 mm
Quantity 500


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