Airo Pell Hyper Dome Head pellets 10.34 grains | 500 QTY



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Airopell pellets are made by Czech technology an original Russian made pellets company newly launched in India, the hyper dome pellets or Airo Pell are meant for high power air rifles which is meant for higher damage in a longer range, the domed shaped pellets give aerodynamics to hit targets on a suitable range with accuracy. The 10.34 grains specifically give balance and accuracy in high windy terrains by hitting target with utmost accuracy with power without pivoting according to the atmospheric factors.

AIRO PELL Monster Dome 10.34gr/0.67g 0.177 400 pcs Airgun pellets

Caliber 0.177″ (4.5mm)
Weight 10.34grains/ 0.67 grams
Ammo Shape Hyper dome Dome
Qty 500
Brand Airo pell


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