Aarmr National 375 Magnum .177cal / 4.5mm Air Rifle


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Manufacturer AARMR
Model Magnum 375
Caliber 0.177cal(4.5mm)
Rifled Barrel Length 18’/460mm
Velocity 950 fps
Muzzle Energy less than 20 joules
Locking Efforts  17 kg
Weight 3.5kg Dovetail for telescope


1. Spring Action Break Barrel.
2. Trigger Fully Adjustable.
3. Trigger Pull Adjustable from 300Gms – 2kg
4. 3- Ball Locking Mechanism for Trigger Life of more than 10 years.
5. Cheek Pad Integrated Stock.
6. Ergonomic Grip with Improved Trigger design.

7. Poly Ethylene spring guide which decrease recoil by 70%.
9. Water Resistant space age multi colour ceramic coated.
10. Stock made up of age resistant nylon 66 fiber.

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