Aarmr Hurricane Xtreme (.177cal / 4.5mm)

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Model: Hurricane Mod Xtreme
Caliber : 0.177″ (4.5mm)
Overall Length : 1150mm
Mechanism: Break Barrel Single Shot
Type: Springer
Sight : Open Sight (Metal Front Sight + Rear Metal Windage)
Action: Single Shot
Telescopic Rail: YES
Belt Sling: No
Velocity 1000 FPS (Feet / Second )
Stock: Fiber Stock with Black Heel Pad
Weight : 3.5 kg










IMPROVISATION and model Update 

  • Improved Power up to 15% extra then Aarmr model 18 or 20 ( Extra cocking effort is required too)
  • Aarmr Huricane Model Xtreme looks similar to the model 18-16  and 20, except the front sight has a slightly different design as projected in the image.
  • Improved open sight aiming in comparison to model 18.
  • Improved accuracy
  • Improved trigger adjustment for smoother plinking
  • Improved piston for durability.

19 reviews for Aarmr Hurricane Xtreme (.177cal / 4.5mm)

  1. Meljith

    I love it….1000fps I never believe in Indian rifle
    I have to buy it

  2. Revan manik gaikwad

    Real test of indian magnum air rifle

  3. admin


  4. P ghosh

    Really 1000 fps

    • admin


  5. Hemant Behra

    Is there option of wooden stock ?

    • admin

      No sir, it only comes in fiber body


    I bought 3 Aarmar 18 rifles from you last year, can i exchange one for extreme?

    • admin

      Sorry sir, since we can’t sell used rifles, we cant replace the old once, hope you understand

  7. Kulamani Behra

    The fps rating is really surprising. But for this extra cocking effort is required as stated.
    Is one has to struggle hard for cocking or a bit around 10% of its other model, hurricane 18 or 20?

    • admin

      15-20 % extra cocking effort is required in comparison to previous models

  8. Kulamani Behra

    When you expect of its availability in your stores again?

    • admin

      after 6 days

  9. Prateek Tiwari

    Is there some more surprises or updates on aarmr to be coming further sk I can wait and don’t repeat the mistakes I did buying an mod – 18 .

    • admin

      No sir, we don’t expect any other updated model till the end of 2020

  10. P ghosh

    When it available in air gun bazaar?

    • admin

      On next week by Tuesday or Wednesday

  11. P ghosh

    How far shoot it accurately

    • admin

      Approximately 50 meters effective range

  12. vysakhshiva8 (verified owner)

    What is the Mod number?

    • admin

      Its Xtreme model, there is no number

  13. Arshad Ali

    kya xtreme .22 ke liye lisense ki jrurat hogi?

  14. vysakhshiva8 (verified owner)

    Product arrived today. The handgrips and rails were already attached. My first air rifle and I am satisfied with the product. I don’t know of the after sales service yet. Will update when time comes.

  15. superya

    aaramr model best raifale 1000 fps and 50 mtr acurat rang

  16. gtaka490

    Its amazing ! Like to see crony test of aarmr hurricane extreme.

    • admin

      We will soon provide you with a chrony test in this comming month

  17. Loretto Morais (verified owner)

    Tried my new Hurricane extreme yesterday. Its excellent, having good power and great accuracy. Just wanted to know how to adjust the trigger for softer pull.

  18. admin

    Hi ,

    Sorry we don’t sell .22 airguns since it requires a licence as per arms act rules of 2016, and yes there are some Aarmr model 35 coming at the end of January

  19. Abhijeet

    As per configuration mentioned it’s overall good

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